Industrial Linear Actuators for Manufacturing Purposes

Modern production, whether it is the creation of plastic double-glazed windows or metal laser cutting, requires the use of high-precision positioning workpiece or the extremely precise working part of the machine. Quite often rises the need to create machines or devices on the principle of linear actuators’ performance when it comes to individual automation projects or just something new. 

Modern Manufacturing and Industrial Actuators Implementation

In these cases, impossible to imagine modern industrial equipment without linear motion devices and actuators. When faced with the need to purchase an industrial linear actuator we recommend contacting the engineers of Progressive Automations sales department who have the extensive practical experience and will select the best options for every project taking into account all requirements, technical specifications, and industrial actuators’ potential. 

In order to better know how to choose the suitable industrial linear actuator, a customer has to know its construction peculiarities as a device. This device usually consists of a linear guide rail and an actuator operated by an electric motor or servo motor. Due to the operation of the electric motor, the movable element of the actuator is moved along the guide rail. Such a device has high accuracy, the function of the instant full stop, and the warranty from arbitrary movement in the opposite direction when unwanted.

Industrial Actuators’ Construction and Specifications  

Industrial linear actuators manufactured by progressive Automations have a high level of protection against external influences and a high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) rate. Actuators are placed in enclosures that protect the device from dust and moisture. It is possible to use these actuators and actuator motors for outdoor implementation.

As the product that is oriented for complicated work with heavy loads, industrial actuators the way they are capable to show high force and effectiveness when dealing with large-scale complicated projects and manufacturing applications. Extreme protection of these actuators means that they are safe to use without any possible oil or fluids leaks. Moreover, actuators like industrial ones are usually made to be resistant to vibrations as they are frequently implemented in environmental conditions where vibrations are a common thing to face with. Heavy machine-building, shipbuilding, assembly lines, and elsewhere the manufacturing is related to the use of heavy complicated machinery. 

As the tool for industrial purposes, industrial electric actuators should meet numerous demands and be applicable to numerous industrial machines and automated machinery of different sizes and dimensions. That is why sometimes is possible that certain manufacturing projects can require compact sizes of these actuators despite the fact of the great amount and complicacy of work wanted to be done with their help. For example, the heavy-duty linear actuator PA-17 possesses such qualities as high force and durability, that are particularly appreciated by industrial, marine, agricultural, solar as well as automotive industries. With the maximum stroke length of 40 inches (101cm), these powerful actuators can show force up to 2000 Ibs (907kg). Magnificent isn’t it? Even input voltage of such actuators can be adjusted due to extreme complicacy of the work wanted to be done with their help. IP 65 protection class along with wide scale of operational temperatures are capable to force this electric monster to work in even the harshest environmental conditions and reach the goals set as the manufacturing daily quota. 

With the right selection of electric linear actuators for industrial manufacturing purposes, any manufacturing automation project can be done with great success. The integration of these industrial linear actuators in major equipment and machinery will increase their efficiency to the unseen height. Hard to imagine productivity and efficiency better than that with industrial linear actuators. Think progressive and automate your manufacturing with industrial actuators. 


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