Illuminati Blood Sacrifices Part 2

This video is the part 2 of the first video I posted earlier. Sean Stone interviews Fritz Springmeier about Illuminati human blood sacrifice rituals and mind control programming. They discuss such rituals involve summoning and conjuring demons.

Many celebrities have multiple personalities so that they can be controlled to promote crap to the mass audience.

Escaping the Illuminati involves a “relative freedom.” But they will never be completely normal. The Illuminati want to control everyone and everything they do, from spending decision to reproduction. Their top agenda is depopulating the earth by mass murdering the majority of people and animals.

The soldiers who fight in wars are Illuminati’s blood sacrifices.

They note that some demons look like aliens. So, that is probably what they mean about aliens invading the earth. It has to do with demonic forces invading the earth.

Shapeshifting reptilian aliens? They appear to be nonhuman. Sean references the movie, They Live, in which I have watched on the indie channel many times.


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