If You Don’t Value it, It has No Meaning


We had a major discussion in our little home about the up and down vote here. The whole family was here so there were many different opinions on the matter.  They asked me if I ever looked to see who “downvoted” my posts. 

“My that would be a downward cycle. I don’t really write for anyone but myself and my grandchildren. Sometimes I love what I write and other times I am not happy with it later.  It’s about living in the moment. Tomorrow I may read the same thing and all the sudden “get it.” 

The youngest came up with his logical evaluation. “Well, if you wrote it you should like it so upvote your stuff. If you decided you don’t like it down vote it. ” 

“Okay, what about other peoples writing.”

“Well most people will just fake it and upvote it because they want people to like them. —- Wait, most people don’t even read them you can tell. So it has no real value one way or the other. I think you should upvote everything one day and down vote everything the next day and always upvote your own.”

Would you like to be in our house when we have these interesting discussions? 

Is today an upvote day?


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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