Idehan and Ubari

Ubari desert, known as Idehan and Ubari Ubari Sand Sea, hyper-dry region of southwestern Libya, covered with sand dunes, which cover an area of approximately 58,000 km². But 200,000 years ago, this was moist and fertile area with lots of rain and rivers that fed enormous lake (Megafezzan) the size of the Czech Republic. During wet periods the lake occupied an area of 120,000 square kilometers. Due to climate change that occurred between Prior to the 3,000 to 5,000 years have dried up the river, a lake evaporated. However, traces of the huge lake are still present in the form of beautiful micro lakes scattered between the high sand dune. In the desert Ubari currently there are about 20 lakes surrounded by palm trees and vegetation – a beautiful oasis that looks like an anomaly in the harsh desert environment.


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