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I Remember

I remember when life was simple and the goal was simply to love and survive. I remember a partyline phone when all the neighbors knew everything because they left the phone line open to listen. I remember penny candy. I remember Grandad driving the gas truck to deliver to other small towns. I remember how simple life used to be.

While I often long for those days, time marches on. As much I would like to go back or at least be still for an hour or two and truly celebrate with pure joy, my heart is heavy. The tears are quick to come and I getting great at hiding. I can’t pretend that I am handling this. At the time he needs me to be the strongest I am falling apart.

Oh my. I guess it’s time to get practical and do something that will make me so physically tired I can sleep.

Thanks for listening.


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Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. My grandfather owned a grocery store when I was little. I have a few memories of being in the store, but I do have one. Of being allowed to mix a treat bag for myself and for my sister.

    Yesterday is the song we all sing when today is in front of us.
    But today is tomorrows yesterday!

  2. I remember those days, too. Back then, kids actually went outside and played without any electronic devices. We’d run, jump, climb, and it was the girls as well as the boys. It also wasn’t for just a few minutes, it was all day. I remember black and white TV and watching
    the Wild Kingdom, World of Disney, and Mr. Magoo on Sunday nights, after baths were over. I remember peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in sack lunches. I remember that when mom was cooking something and ran out of an ingredient, going to the store wasn’t even considered before going to the neighbor to see if the neighbor had any of that item. I remember making a slingshot out of a willow branch and a piece of old inner-tube.

    Fond memories.

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