I Need to Work On This!

I really have no idea who Bethany Hamilton is, and she hit this one spot on. Courage could not happen without fear and anxiety. It is simple to do things that you are familiar with and you know with a great deal of certainty what the outcome will be. That does not require courage. That requires logic.

With courage there is a great risk that things may turn out differently than what you may have expected or predicted. You know going into a situation that it may not end well and for what may be the greater good you are willing to try it anyway.

So have you ever been courageous and would you like to share your story? We could all use a little inspiration, don’t you think?


What do you think?


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  1. Since talking to yourself can be healthy I feel better about using it here. I actually think this quote has helped me move forward on some things that I was afraid of trying. I have been actively trying to ignore the fear and press forward.

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