I believe that our home planet isn’t flat nor oblate inside, it’s mountainous! Lol

They’ve been arguing if our planet earth is flat or oblate. There are many who really believe that it’s flat. Others also believe that it’s oblate. The only thing we can be so sure of the shape of our planet within and without, is that, its figure isn’t perfect. It’s unique. Maybe it’s true that it looks flattened spheroid from outside our home planet, but what about the truth? There’s sky, we’re only looking up the same sky regardless of its colors (dark, cloudy, or bluish) as we see it. I’d like to think of the moon as an umbrella, a stronger and bigger version of clouds covering the sun.

Maybe, if I’m going to walk the entire earth from where I am right now, I would see mountains everywhere. If we’ll look at mountains as super big trees, and it has roots, then maybe the bottom of earth is flat. If there are cities somewhere underneath the ocean, then maybe we’re flooded before, maybe the story of Noah is true. It’s crazy to imagine our planet within without water in the ocean. Maybe it’s possible that the land that we’re all stepping foot right now are big mountains, like super big, from the original earth before the flood. If I imagine myself looking down our planet surface, I would see rivers, not oceans. Meaning, we’re not that far from each other. We’re neighbors. We’re all on top of the mountains.

Ha-ha! Be happy everybody! It’s a nice world after all! 🙂

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Written by Roselyn Mina

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