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I am single again.

Well, my friends once again I find myself alone. oh well, the guy that I was dating he was helping me with my necklaces for a little while but when my daughter and her boyfriend came over to check on me he got mad at them and then he told my daughter That her and her boyfriend wasn’t allowed to stand next to me and he told my daughter and her boyfriend that I WILL do as he says and that i’m  going to choose him over my kids. I don’t choose any man over my own kit no man is good enough to choose over my kids. So, therefore he told me that we are through because I chose my kids before him and he tried calling the police on the both of us. My daughter told him that he will not control My mom And that’s when he stepped up to my daughter and called her a bitch and told me to come to his side. I don’t know a thing or two I got gave him a piece of my mind then I walked away and I said no man is going to make me choose over my own children not even you. So, that’s when he called the police saying I was harassing him and that my daughter was trying to hurt him which is a lie. Well until the next story. I love you my friends God bless.


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Written by stacie

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  1. I can’t understand why that man would think that you would choose over your kids. No one can separate a mother from her children.
    That man would have caused trouble in your family. And, he’s authoritative.

    • Well, I guess you could say that lol. But, unfortunately it actually happened. Oh well things happen for a reason and that’s what I believe. Thank you my friend for your comment and God bless you.

    • Yeah no kidding I found out tonight that he smokes crack and I didn’t even know that so I’m so glad then I got rid of him thanks to my daughter for helping me. And God bless you for your comment.

  2. i’m ok and so are my daughter. I don’t let any man or anybody talk to me or my kids that way. He wanted me to choose him over my kids granted they are grown up but they’re still my kids and he will lose every time I will always choose my kids first. It will turn out just fine I don’t need somebody like that I got my kids to my family that’s all I need. Thank you God bless you.


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