I Am Livid~ It's Not a Debate

I won’t sit quietly and let children trample the rights that I fight so hard to keep. I am not afraid to offend them. I am not afraid to stand up and state my reasoning. I am not afraid to say “You are wrong.”

It started with this video

We did let you down.  Where I live this shooter would have been taken out. The people in the school with legal guns, training and skills would have taken out the shooter. Game over.

I am against you. I am 100% against you. Not because I think there should be one more school shooting where even one student dies. Because our power to stop them is not to end our 2nd amendment rights, but to use them in a lawful and respectful manner to keep our children alive and well.

Emma, they won’t lose their money. Politicians get paid even after they leave office. We won’t be left behind. We are quietly keeping people safe all over this  country. Why don’t you hear about it? We stop it before it happens. Students know what will happen if they come in with a gun.

If you want to make a difference. Take your veterans and let them use their training in your schools. It works here. They have jobs. We have our guns. Children are safe.

You are right, there is no debate. You will never take my gun. That gun has saved the life of children.

Get your facts straight.

Today I listened to a young girl say they were not going to stop until our second amendments rights were gone. Well sweetie, you have a fight on your hands, personally with me. I am saddened that a young man murdered people. It’s wrong. The person who did the killing is the personal responsible  for the crime. It starts and stops right there. He made a choice, he decided to kill. No politician or group is responsible for his actions. In some countries when a child steals, they cut off his hands. That will certainly make stealing harder, is that what we want.

 We have an entire generation that doesn’t have a clue what personal responsibility is and how it works. This movement proves it. March for love. March for safety. March for mental health. March for responsible gun owners to save lives.

I stand proud and loud.

He died for my rights.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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