A while ago I saw videos of the infamous drug called FLAKKA (the zombie drug) on YOUTUBE. I was shocked at the extent of the hallucinations caused by this horrific drug. And I thought to myself why anyone would want to put themselves through it.

It causes severe hallucinations that makes the victim act completely crazy. There is not a better way to describe it. I don’t know how many of us has seen Zombie Apocalypse. If you look at the movie and how these people act you would say they were Zombies, trying to destroy humanity.

Then the question arises, is that not the purpose of this drug? To wreak havoc in our homes and destroy families? I cannot think how cruel someone must be to invent such a thing, it can only be a psychopath. What is going on in that person’s mind? According to all the research I have done, it is cheap, available everywhere and has now spread to South Africa. It even comes disguised as candy.

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If the effects of this drug causes insanity and these severe hallucinations, what will it do to your body? These are the short-term side effects:

  • Euphoric sensations.
  • Rapid heart rate and palpitations.
  • Increase in blood pressure.
  • Alertness.
  • Aggressive behavior

    Long-term effects are not completely know as yet. Flakka only hit the streets in Florida in 2015 so is still fairly new and research are still being conducted as to how harmful it is. It is believed so far that it causes kidney and renal failure.

    Seeing all the destruction this has caused, as an aunt of many it makes me concerned, very concerned. I think about drug control, Police and Governments has endless campaigns fighting against drugs. Still, it has been an endless fight. I do not want one of my nieces or nephews to fall victim to this terrible evil. So how do we protect our kids against it?


What do you think?

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Written by Della

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  1. There is always a new drug. This one will pass and a new one will appear. As we improve our understanding of how the human body works, the drugs become more and more directed.
    I suspect the easy answer here is improved drug education (such as what you’ve done with this post). The more we talk about what is possible and what is happening hopefully the more people will listen.

    • It’s Insane! You should watch the videos on YOUTUBE. It is similar but not the completely the same. Flakka’s main component is α-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone, a synthetic stimulant causing the dementia and severe hallucinations. The Krokidil drug’s is Desomorphine a sedative fast-acting effects such as analgesia.

  2. It is hard to imagine why people would take things like this. For myself, I have never taken any sort of drug (other than medicines) – I have never even smoked a cigarette! I went though university in the early 1970s and was never approached by anyone who suggested that I take anything – not even cannabis. Perhaps I was just lucky!

  3. You are asking age old questions here. It’s a new drug but the human behavior behind it is old. Supporting law enforcement officials efforts to fight drug suppliers and dealers is one answer, but that’s rather vague unless we think it through in detail. We need to back them in conversations with each other and step up on their behalf publicly . Deciding that we will vote for those who support strong consequences for supplying and dealing drugs is another option. As for kids, keep them busy with studies, hobbies, and work, as well as do those things with them. Talk to them, teach them, encourage them, but do not under any circumstances leave them to the popular culture of their peers. Asking ourselves what we want their lives to look like when they are grown, and in some cases asking ourselves whether we want them to grow up or die young, can help us think about how to interact with them when they are young. No parent or guardian is perfect, but diligence both protects them and pays off with a meaningful life for the kids.


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