How to Use Essential Oils


A guideline to help you on how to use essential oil is one noble idea. If used well, essential oils are known to have amazing benefits all round a human’s life. Essential oils are extracted from plant products like leaves and stems.

There are several ways in which essential oils can be used. Among the methods, Inhaling is the most common one. They are praised for their incredible scent as well as curative characteristics.

For those who find it challenging to inhale, essential oils can as well be mixed in carrier oil. The mixture is then used on the skin just like a body lotion.

Researchers have found out that Essential oils are rich in medicinal properties. This is to mean that they can be used as natural antifungal, antiviral as well as antibacterial medicines.

Do you struggle with insomnia? Essential oils could be your answer as they are known to improve sleep capabilities. They have been proven to have other countless benefits among them, improving skin health condition.

Those who suffer from headaches and other pains may also obtain relief by using essential oils. It is a proven remedy to common colds and other related infections as well digestion issues. To help you get the best out of essential oils, here are some of the tips to observe.

  1. Effective use of a diffuser

With intensifying concerns on how to use essential oils, a special device knows as a diffuser was introduced to the market.

The manufactures have stretched their muscles to come up with numerous types of diffusers ranging from; ceramic, electric, Lamp rings among several others.

For best results, follow promptly the instructions given by the manufacturer for a specific type of diffuser.

  1. Are you Comfortable to Inhale?

Those who have used it by inhaling can confirm that it is one of the most effective ways. Making sure that the undiluted oil does not come into actual contact with your skin; inhale directly and deeply from a bottle.

Alternatively, mix essential oil in small contents with hot water in a bowl. Covering yourself with a piece of cloth or a towel together with the bowl, close your eyes and deeply inhale the steam. This is to be done a number of times in a day for best results.

It is advisable to take considerable precautions when exposing pregnant or breastfeeding women to essential oils as some of them could be extensively dangerous.

  1. Try Dry Evaporation

It is a simple method in that, you only need a collection of dry material. Materials like cotton ball as well as fabric may be used in this case.

Small measures of essential oil are added to the dry material. The mixture is then held close to the nose for easy inhaling. The mixture may as well be applied to surfaces or near your pillow for continued inhalation.


All methods applied when using essential oil are aimed at achieving the same goal. Whichever method one settles for should follow all the necessary steps to achieve best results.

There is a high possibility of using essential oils only to get negative results if proper procedure is not put in place.


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