How to Resize Your Engagement Ring

The occasion of engagements is always special in the lives of the would-be spouses. It is almost like an official statement that seals the relationship with your partner just before taking the big plunge. The emotion and sentiments attached to the engagement ceremonies can never be defined by people outside of the relationship; only those in love can feel the gushes in their stomach!

That is why every arrangement of the engagement ceremony is always done precisely by both the sides so that no stones are left unturned in making the moment special and memorable. And out of all the arrangements, the engagement rings play an integral part in shielding the ceremonies with the touch of emotion and depth of love towards your better half.

Not only the ladies deserve the best rings for their engagements but the men also require equal pampering on the D-day! But at times, even if you make the best arrangements for your engagement ceremony, there can be some glitches in the preparation that might leave you upset.

One such common thing is the size of the engagements ring that you choose for your fiancé. In most cases, people prefer to take them to choose the size and design of the rings and then finalize it for the engagement ceremony.

But when they want to surprise their fiancés or maybe go for an arranged engagement, without knowing much about each other, the choice and size of the ring can go horribly wrong! But no worries! You can always have the option to resize your engagement ring. Know how below

You can call for your diamond merchant to make the necessary amends

If you find out that the engagement ring is not fitted well in your finger then you can call your jeweller to make the necessary changes so that it fits you well. No matter whether it is large in size or small, they can make it your size by either cutting off a small part of the shank or by adding a smart art to it. They have the required machines to carry out the same and they can do it without making any heavy damage to the stone. But at times, the mishandling by the jewellers can result in tampering or breaking of the diamonds, so you must look out for the expert only to make the necessary changes.

You can opt for other alternatives to fix the size

If you find the ring size to be larger than your finger, you can opt for other ways to keep it fixed on your ring. Like you can wear a temporary spacer, plastic resizer or ring guard to make the size proper without making it loosened. Also, you can try sizing beads and temporary rings to keep the engagement ring fixed on your finger.

You can opt for an exchange

Many diamond merchants offer an exchange of your rings in case you face any issue with the size. But this can happen only when you have not custom-made your ring. If the ring is chosen from the regular designs available at the store and there is an alternate sized ring available, you can easily opt for exchanging your ring for your accurate size. Hence, you can get an engagement ring of your size when you opt for exchange.

You can go for size changeable rings

These days things are getting advanced day by day and thus in case of choosing the right sized diamond rings for your engagement, you can have the option of going for size changeable rings. These rings are made in a way that they can fit into fingers of all size. They are not fixed and the outer ring part is movable which makes it size changeable.

Wrapping up

The day of engagements plays a significant role in the lives of almost every individual getting engaged. Apart from the gushy feeling of being officially engaged to your loved one, there are many more things that come into revelation during the day of engagements. And one such thing is the engagement ring that you get or receive from your fiancé on the day.

The matter of choice, the design, the quality product, the size and everything else gets depicted on the day of engagements and you finally get to know your partners better and understand whether or not you can spend the life together.

Although the size of your engagement ring does not decide your future, when it’s costly and too expensive, you ought to worry about it. Mostly in case of diamond rings, you need to be sure of the size you are seeking to buy as the mending can affect its shape and design a bit when you opt for resizing. Therefore, even if you have an option of resizing your engagement ring, it’s advisable that you know the right size before buying!


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