How to relax and enjoy life?

Overclocked schedules, a mobile phone that does not stop ringing, people who do not stop looking for services are just some of the things that can lead to great stress. All this can lead to problems, and most often those of physical ones. Reaction to stress will occur when you least expect it. The most common reaction is when we are unable to fully control the situation. Many factors affect the creation of stress, which means that you need to learn how to relax and fight with them to overcome all problems in front of you. The first advice for sincere relaxation is solving stress.

  • Organize your time and take a break
  • Find a hobby and deal with it
  • Eject negative energy
  • Breathe fresh air
  • Find a company, talk about what is troubling you

A certain amount of stress in your life is normal and even necessary, but excessive stress interferes with normal daily activities and can seriously impair your health. There are various ways of relaxing, but perhaps the simplest and easiest way to offer Japanese traditional medicine. When it comes to the self-help technique that you can practice anywhere, and to make things even better, it takes only five minutes to feel the result.

According to the Japanese belief, each of the fingers of a hand represents a different feeling or attitude:

  • THUMB – helps you overcome anxiety and worry
  • INDEX/POINT FINGER – removes fear
  • MIDDLE FINGER – Controls anger and resentment
  • RING FINGER – is in charge of dealing with depression and sadness and helps you to be more determined-
  • PINKY FINGER – reduces anxiety, promotes optimism and increases self-confidence

What should you do?

To balance the energy in your body, grasp your finger with the whole fist of the other hand, so that it is fully covered with all the fist. Keep each finger one to two minutes. You will feel it works when you feel pulsing.

To calm your mind, gently press the center of your palm with your thumb and hold for at least one minute.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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