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How To Organize Your Thesis According To Your Major

One of the most important lessons that experienced writers learn is to match their writing style with the topic they are writing about. If you are going to write your thesis, then you need to make sure that your thesis fits your major. Different types of majors have differing requirements and you need to be sure that you are fulfilling the right requirements. Here are some tips that will help.

Talk to your Professors

The easiest way to make sure that your thesis fits with your major is to talk to your professors. Go to them and ask them what would be the best way to approach the thesis topic. There is another important factor at play here – you need to make sure that you have a good relationship with the professors. The easiest way to develop such a relationship is to participate in classes and make sure that your teachers know who you are.

While this may seem a bit suspect – shouldn’t your professors be unbiased when checking your thesis? – note that we aren’t talking about becoming friends with the people who will be checking your thesis. You need to be on good terms with the person who teaches you courses about your major. They know how to write the ideal thesis according to your major, and will be able to provide you a lot of help. They may not dedicate a lot of time to your thesis if you are one of the students who didn’t take their classes seriously.

Read other thesis

If you cannot approach your professors because your classes have ended already you don’t need to be too worried. The second best way to make sure that your thesis fits your major is to read the other theses students have submitted previously. You do not have to memorize a thesis and then write your own thesis in exactly the same style. We would instead recommend reading multiple theses quickly. This puts you in the right frame of mind – when you read a lot of things written in the same tone it is easier to think in that tone.


You will obviously need to research to write your thesis. We aren’t talking about that – we are talking about general research about your field. The easiest way to ensure that your thesis is taken seriously is to write about something that is a hot topic in your field. This is very easy to find out thanks to the internet. You simply need to visit a blog or a forum about your major and see what people are debating.

The topics that are being discussed will be the ones that have generated the most academic interest. This is how the best dissertation writing services operate as well – they look at what people really want to be researched and then write on that, which results in a stellar reception for whatever they wrote. If your topic is boring or old then the examiners may find your thesis to be unnecessary. If your topic is something that is hotly contested then your thesis will attract a lot of attention.

Another major advantage of reading blogs and forums is that you will learn about literature outside of the world of academia. Many students only end up citing other research papers. Look at the links people post when they are arguing in favor or against a topic and you will find out about books, movies, magazine articles, and much more. Adding these as citations will make your thesis look much better because the examiners will be amazed at how many different sources of information you looked at.


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