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How to make winter pass faster?

We all know that time passes relatively quickly or slowly depending on whether we are happy or not. Whether we are busy with something interesting or not. That’s why those who do not like the winter seem to be just infinite. It is especially painful after the holidays when there is no longer a joyous expectation.

That’s how we can change our attitude to winter so time passes quickly, meaningfully and even pleasantly.

Every sunny day is a holiday. Yes, the short, gloomy day is depressing, but the winter also has clear snow days, with lots of sunshine. Let’s turn them into a holiday. Start the day with a walk even if it’s next to the trash bin or coffee. Breathe full of breasts and do not be afraid to get some sunbathing. Vitamin D is extremely important, and as we know, only sunlight synthesizes it naturally in our bodies. Become a kid again and organize a fight with balls, skating or short excursions outside the city. Where there is no slush, cars and mud.

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