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How to make winter pass faster? part 3

Indulge in art. In the dark dark evening hours, you can watch the staggered series that you escaped in the summer. Allow yourself to sink in several seasons of the newest, some old, forgotten. Winter is the time of serious films that want concentration and reflection. If cinema and television are not yours, the books are always up to you. It’s especially good if you have a cardboard from the library and you can read those expensive, thick books without having to buy them. And that’s another reason for a walk. In the winter there are many theaters, concerts.

Do not break your thoughts from the coming spring and all the good things awaits you. You will make repairs, start your own garden, travel abroad, go to some great concert – plan, save tickets and shape your plans. The greatest splendor of spring is that it will always come. And after the longest winter, and after the quietest sky, and after the most monstrous day. Birds will come back, the orchards will blossom and the seasons will spin again. So, winter jokes, do not despair, for us the winter is only 3 months. Which may even be enjoyable.


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