How to Determine The Best POS System For Your Business 

A POS system can drastically improve your business operations by simplifying some of the core components of the business, such as inventory management, payment processing, and marketing. Modern POS systems come loaded with features and extras, so you’ll not only get a versatile payment processing tool, but also an all-in-one marketing, inventory management, employee management, analytics, and customer service tool. Here’s how you can determine which POS system is the best for your business by looking at important features and aspects of your new POS. 

Ease of Use 

You don’t want software that’s too overly-complex for your business, or there will be a learning curve that you and your employees will have to overcome to get comfortable with the software. If the software is too complex, this process can take weeks or even months to accomplish, costing you precious time and man-hours for training exercises. Choose a POS system that’s simple yet powerful. Choose software that’s easy to learn, has an intuitive interface, and won’t be overly difficult to teach someone else how to use. 

Your customers will also appreciate software that’s easy to use. Employees won’t get hung up during customer interactions by the new software, making the customer service experience more efficient. Plus, when an employee knows what they’re doing, they look more knowledgeable, and the customers will trust them more. You’ve probably had an experience at a store where the employees seemed almost lost as to what they were doing; did that make you trust the company more? Probably not! 

Cloud-Based Software 

Cloud-based software syncs all of your data to a secure cloud server, increasing not only the security of your information (and that of your customers) but also saving you precious hard drive space and making the entire platform more streamlined. Many cloud-based POS systems also work offline, re-syncing to the cloud once a connection has been reestablished. Cloud servers have revolutionized the way we store and share information, and POS systems are taking advantage. 

When you’re looking for the best POS system for your business, consider a cloud-based system. You’ll be able to access your dashboard from anywhere with an internet connection, giving you complete control over your store 24/7. Plus, you can sync on and offline sales if you’re running both brick and mortar and eCommerce stores. 

Your Budget 

Naturally, when you’re searching for new software, your budget and the price of the software will come into play. Some POS software is designed specifically for businesses with high sales volumes, and is, therefore, more expensive. Other options are designed for small businesses and so on. There are plenty of options available, but ensuring you’re getting the right price is just as important as the right features. 

Compare your budget with the software’s cost and then decide which features you must have and which are considered extras. You may opt for a more stripped-down POS system to fit your budget, or, if you really want to splurge, you can get a feature-rich system that comes complete with everything you need to manage and streamline your business. 

The Software’s Features 

Once you’ve narrowed down your price, take a look at the features of a few different POS systems. Do you need an effective inventory management system for your business? Do you need analytics or data collection? What about employee management tools? While the inventory management and payment processing features are usually pretty standard with every POS system, not every system offers extras like data collection or employee management tools. 

Determine the bare minimum your business needs and go from there. Sometimes, it’s better to start with the minimum and work your way up to more features as the business grows. Once you’ve reached a certain threshold, you’ll be able to afford better equipment and software. 

Customer Service and Support

As with any major purchase, you want to be certain you’re getting customer service and support for your product. Many POS systems offer 24/7 support lines, but it’s always a good idea to research the company before you buy. Pay attention to tech reviews and customer reviews alike; each can tell you different information that’s equally useful to your purchase decision. 

A company that stands behind its products with a good customer support team is one you can trust. Having a support staff makes a bold statement by providing customers with information and support after they’ve given their money to the company, and that’s good business. If your POS software doesn’t offer support, it’s a good idea to opt for a different brand or model altogether. 

POS systems come in all shapes and sizes and with numerous features, but narrowing down the right one for your business comes down to price, features, ease of use, cloud-based options, and customer service. Follow these five tips, and you’re sure to find that best POS system for your specific industry. 


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