How to Deal with Mean Spirited People

There are plenty of mean spirited people around and you cannot avoid them all. You can choose to determine if you are going to allow them to determine your reactions. Civility is a skill that has to be learned and practiced, it really doesn’t come naturally. Humans are born with an instinct to take care of themselves first. Babies cry until someone deals with the issue or they get so tired doing it they fall asleep.

It is important to note that you may not know the history of the person who is mean spirited. Perhaps something is their past is still clinging to their heart and causing them to be hateful. It is not something you can fix, and still it might help you change your anger you feel toward their actions to pity. It is much easier for most people to walk away from someone they pity.

It is acceptable to let mean spirited people know that you are offended, if you can do it in a manner that is respectful. If not, it is better to keep your mouth closed, lest you sound as mean spirited as they are.

Humor can be mean spirited and some people enjoy that kind if humor. That is not right or wrong, it just is. What makes it right or wrong is if you are aware that the person you are speaking with finds it offensive and asks that it stops, you stop. Sarcasm can be very funny to some and offensive to others. If someone lets you know you are offensive to them, leave.

You are in control of your actions. You can not control the actions of others. It’s a balancing issue. If you find someone offensive, let them know why and  leave.

Life is too short for you to solve all the problems of the world. It is important to point out offensive behavior and request it not be a part of your life. You have stood up for yourself and your beliefs. That is important. To thine own self be true.


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  1. Yes, that’s right, you can’t change the attitude/behaviour, leave!
    I’ve not attend family gathering for a while for their attitude. It can’t last long so in the end, I’ve to go there and show equally bad attitude lol…


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