How to Cut Storage Costs and Choose the Right Storage Facility?

Storage facilities are mainly used to store heavy furniture, vehicles, or other things. People seek the help of such facilities when there have to vacate a city and cannot take some of the stuff with them. This typically happens when people keep traveling, and they do not want to take all of their things with them always. Paying rent for a house of flat for just storing would be pointless. Thus, putting your stuff in a storage facility makes a lot of sense. People might sometimes downsize their houses and might require storage spaces. Here are some of the tips to find the best storage facility for you:

Size Requirement

The size of the container you need is determined by the size of the items that are going to be stored. It is not a good idea to get a unit that could pack your things wall to wall. This will be very inconvenient when you access your items. Calculate the size in such a way that there will be enough room for at least one person to move around. Create a plan to adequately store your items, which will help you get the smallest unit possible. As the size goes up, the prices go up too. So, to cut down the expenses, effective utilization of space is required.

Type of Container

Depending upon the items to be stored, you might want to get containers with special facilities. For instance, you might need to store something that requires a controlled environment. If you are storing valuable things, you would need to choose storage with security systems installed. Understand the requirements of the items to be stored and find the right one for you. There might be a lot of units with fancy attributes and facilities. Do not get distracted and get a sophisticated storage space for simple things. If you are storing basic stuff, go for the most basic type of container to cut down on the prices.


Comparing is the best tip to find the cheapest option in any situation. Do not get settled with the one place that you come across first. You can find a great deal of difference between companies that provide storage solutions. If you do not find the appropriate size, do not size-up. This might increase the cost. Also, do not choose the companies that only provide large units. Try and find another place that can give you the right container. This way, you need not spend the extra bucks. Compare the reviews of container hire in Auckland that you can find online. Stay away from distracting deals and stick to your requirements.


If you are renting a storage facility for a long time, you might ask the company for discounts. While looking for discounts, do not get distracted by misleading deals. For example, some companies might suggest you take a bigger unit to avail discounts. This is unnecessary and will have no positive effect on your wallet. Talking to a couple of companies and comparing the deals will help you out in the process of choosing.

Access Time

The prices of containment units are sometimes based on access times and gate time. If the time of access is more, you might have to pay more. If you have to visit your storage unit often, then there is no harm in paying more for the extra time. In case you are going out of the country for a while, and won’t be accessing the container, choose the ones with less access time. This can decrease the amount you pay.

Understand the Policies

The terms of policies offered by different companies will keep changing. Before signing the deal, make sure you o through the policies thoroughly. Some places will have strict fines if you miss paying rent for a month. This might also happen if they do not have a flexible tenure plan. Make sure that your requirements match the policies of the company and you do not end up paying a lot of money.


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