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How to Choose an Asbestos Removal Company

When it comes to asbestos removal in Australia, it’s essential that you have a licensed and experienced company. They can come in, assess the problem and work on removing it in a safe and efficient manner. But, with so many companies offering asbestos removal, how do you pick the best one? Find out below.

Choose an Experienced and Licensed Company

Ideally, you want to pick out a company that has a long history of being in the asbestos removal business. This may make their services cost more, but it’s worth it. Choosing an established company ensures that the staff is fully qualified and trained to properly remove any asbestos or abatement.

Checking that the company has a valid license to remove asbestos is also extremely important. If the business holds a license, it means that the employees have undergone thorough training on how to perform property asbestos removal. They’ll remove it safely and avoid contaminating the outside or inside of your home with hazardous materials.

Should the company fail to safely remove the materials that contain asbestos from the building then your insurance will most likely not cover any injuries or damages if the workers haven’t had the proper training. This is why it’s very important that you take your time when you choose a company to perform your asbestos removal.

Pick a Company That Offers Total House Inspections

If people come in and thoroughly search for asbestos, it can help them pinpoint the exact location of any and all of the asbestos in the building. Some companies skip this step and jump straight into removing any common products or materials that have a history of containing asbestos. They’ll remove them even if they’re not positive that they contain asbestos.

This approach may be quicker, but it can also lead to overlooking certain contaminated areas of your building. It could also result in the company removing things that are actually safe to stay. Therefore, it’s important that whatever company you choose, offers a complete inspection before they start the removal process. This inspection can prevent unnecessary damage to your property. A good company should also perform an inspection after they perform the asbestos removal to make sure they got everything and the whole building is safe.

Contact Assess Control Assure for Asbestos Removal in Australia

If you need high-quality asbestos removal and inspections, we can help. We have decades of combined experience and we’re on hand to answer any questions you may have. Reach out and get in touch today.

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