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How Strong is Your Intuitions?

Have you ever tested your intuition on Virily? Maybe think about trying out your intuition when doing quizzes.

I posted a while back that I sometimes I have an intuition about someone or something that may happen in the future. Sometimes when I take a quiz, and I do not know the answer I think about the choices, and put an answer sometimes that is just a guess, and it turns out right. But to try to do this concentrate on the choices, not so much what may be the answer. I mean, if you are really confused about the answer, that is when how strong your intuition is about  things can show itself. It is fun, and may tell you if you have a powerful intuition at times.

I have taken quizzes about a topic I did not know much about and surprisingly enough I would get more right than I would have thought. 


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    • I have had warnings in my dreams, and one saved my life. My late husband died in a motorcycle wreck. I had a dreams days before that I fell some how and was spinning like in a fog. I knew I would not go along with him because of that dream.

  1. I do sometimes trust my instincts. More often, I seek and receive guidance from the Spirit in regard to what to write about and what angle to take when I write. These are two different things, but the Spirit has gotten me out of quite a few potential jams. I’ll be wanting to write about something in one way and sometimes he’ll let me know that I should write about it in an entirely different way, often one that I’m not really comfortable with. I’ve learned that when I take His direction, it invariably works. When I rely on myself, it rarely does. :))

    • Thank you Alex for your thoughts. Hey I am going to submit a post about Russian nesting dolls which I think you know something about. But the one doll in particular i can not find to see its worth. I found one similar. On the bottom it says brag. Look for it and let me know what you think. My intuition tells me it might be worth more than some. It belongs to a 88 year old woman, and I was curious of how much it is worth.

    • Yes Carol, sort of like that lol. I mean some times I just guess but I think about the options and then something sparks an answer. Sometimes I will match 4 or 5 in a row that I was not sure of the answer.

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