How Not to Buy a Racehorse

Joe makes his living by training and racing horses and he is very successful at it. One day he went on a drive through the farm country of Missouri. Driving down a country road he sees what has to be the most beautiful racehorse he has ever seen in his life. He can’t believe his eyes and decides that he has to have that horse.

He finds the farmhouse and knocks on the door. When the farmer answers Joe says, “I’d like to make a deal with you to buy your horse. I’d be willing to pay you $500.”

The farmer tells him,” I just can’t sell him to you. He doesn’t look that good.”

Joe figures the farmer doesn’t know what he’s talking about and offers him $1,000. Again the farmer turns him down saying, “That horse just doesn’t look that good.”

Joe, unwilling to pass on this horse ups his offer to $5,000. The farmer gives in and says, “OK, but I’m telling you, that horse doesn’t look that good.”

The next day Joe is back at the farmhouse furiously banging on the door. When the farmer answers Joe screams, “What’s the idea in selling me a blind horse?”The farmer answers, “I told you that horse doesn’t look that good.”

The public domain image of the horses is courtesy of Pixabay.


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Written by Gary J Sibio

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