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How I deal with my Despression

In my previous post, I’ve talked about how I was a very unhappy and depressed teenager and young adult.

And in this post, I would like to share with you about how I deal with it and got better.

But before I get started I would like to say that this is my own way of dealing with the problem but it may not work for you. But hopefully it would inspire or motivate you in anyway.

1. Finding a goal or Hobby

I actually started out with finding and completing simple goals like: finish watching an episode of a certain drama or “exercising” (I went on Youtube to find workout that you can do sitting down :p) a few minutes a day. When I was first diagnosed with Panic Attack, my first goal is to never let it escalate to full blown. I started learning to identify an attack and practicing deep breathing. And it feels great when I overcome my first panic attack. Although I still may suffer from one once in a while, I can keep it under control.Slowly, I developed a few hobbies – writing, drawings (making art) and watching movies. However, do note that they’re just hobbies and do not need to be too judgemental or be too critical; you’re not aiming to be the next Da Vinci.

2. Staying away from “harmful” people

By harmful people I mean toxic people or those who are just overly critical. There’ll just be that few people (even good friends or relatives) that enjoys making fun or putting you down or are just plain insensitive. And there could be families that are overly critical to the point they destroyed your confidence.

For a brief period of time, let their words “fall on deaf ears” or just simply stay away from them (for now, I don’t mean leaving them for good unless they’re really mean). Be moderately selfish. I know this sounds extreme and probably bad but now you don’t need things that makes you feel worst (Or add to your “I’m a failure list”)… what you need is encouragements! And that leads to the next point …

3. Chat with people online (or in real life) with helpful people or those that are in similar situations

As an introvert and someone who can’t handle social interaction well, I turn to help online and I was lucky to meet helpful people online a few occasions I chatted online. One of such website I recommend is Peoples Problems.

However, if you still find it difficult, be childish and talk to a stufftoy! Just talk it out… to anything. I’ve a “pet” piglet that I talk to occassionally. (PS: I’m not crazy)

4. Take things slow Everyone have their own root cause and mine is mainly my low self esteem and feeling “lousy”. I can’t work because I feel bad at work and at my worst, triggers panic attacks.So I decided to take things slow and start by getting a part time job first. I’m still working part time only now and I purposely picked a job that requires little social interaction. Although I’m not earning a lot, I can proudly say “I’m spending what I earn!”.

5. Make use of the time when you’re motivated

I actually don’t know how to word this, but even a depressed person will have a sudden spur of motivation… or just a sudden flash of weird ideas… try to ride on them. (If they’re not harmful)

Like there was once I suddenly want to make my pet piglet a bag … so I just went and do it… till now I feel very accomplished (and receive praises) because of it even though it’s not that perfect.

I’m not sure how much these will help, but it’s my own way of dealing with things.


What do you think?

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  1. Thanks to Carol, I get to see these that I missed. Great advice here. I get out if the weather is permitting. Nature always gives me back my balance, and makes all the troubles seem to not matter so much.

  2. Very wise pieces of advice; I am happy to hear that you are feeling better now! This is really the best approach in my opinion. Some people think that happiness will come once they find the perfect job, the right partner or achieve their biggest goal. However, I believe that happiness is in the little things and simple activities are the best way to create joy in our everyday life.