Hollywood P.I. – 9

We looked at Kian Hamilton, virtually lying on the sidewalk. He must have recently taken his dope cause he was dull and quiet.

Jesse pulled him up, flung him into the backseat and we drove him to the hotel.  I made Jesse stop at a point, for the stink was high, and went to contract a whore, who stood on the corner,  to bathe him.

We reached the hotel, parked in the underground garage.

Hamilton was babbling, I wasn’t listening, Jesee got him into the bathroom with the whore, and I called his parents.They would come immediately.

That meant two or three hours.

Jesse and I took a drink, then we went to the bathroom door, told the whore to take her time, he’d pay her by the hour.  Wash his hair,  scrub him down  as many times as it took.

The clothes stank and Jesse didn’t have anything to fit him so I went out and bought a pair of jeans and a button down shirt, a brief and an undershirt, and when I got back, the shower was running.

Jesse told the whore that when he was clean she should dress him.

I took another drink.


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Written by jaylar

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