Hollywood P.I. – 7

Image the photo of a man so beautiful you can’t believe it isn’t photo-shopped.  Imagine seeing that man on screen, an actor, playing a role, who moves and speaks and is even more beautiful. Tall, muscular with glowing skin and hair.

Now imagine standing on a street, seeing a man lying on the sidewalk, gaunt and filthy with his hand out begging. And you look and somewhere behind the grime and slack expression, you recognise, that is the man in the photo. That is the man you have been hired to find.

And to make it even more painful, you were hired to find that man, Kian Hamilton, because a Hollywood mogul wants to offer the man in the photo, the man in that film clip a role in a movie.

I took out my cell phone, called Jesse, told him where I was, so he’d bring the car. He knew, from my voice that I did not have good news.


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