Hollywood P.I. – 4

In Hollywood, when someone drops off the radar…let me be more precise, when an Actor disappears, it is almost always a life collapse.

Sure, you’ll find the odd one who leaves Hollywood and has a normal life somewhere, but most, it is either that they fall as far as possible, this side of death.

For a man as beautiful as Kian Hamilton was to disappear was not possible unless…

“I have a bad feeling about this…” I said to Jesse,  my second.

He told me he’d contacted Hamilton’s agent, got an address a few miles away and sent one of our Juniors.

He’d had another contact his parents who lived in a small town in upstate New York, to find out when they last heard from him.

As usual, being dramatic, Jesse said;  “The house has been sublet, and the rent is sent to his parents in New York.   They say they haven’t seen him for years. They send the cheque to a Post Office Box on Canal Street in the City.”

I nodded.

“I’ll call the client and find out if his pocket is deep enough to send us to New York…”

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