Sometimes I just feel hollow. I feel like everything I have done or accomplished in life is meaningless.

I don’t believe there is a real fix for this. It is not rational to believe that you have done nothing in the world that is worthwhile. It is impossible. Logically everyone knows that. However feeling don’t always change because of logic and  true. Feelings can live and feel the untruth forever. There doesn’t seem to be an effiecent and easy to way to use logic and emotions.

Perhaps I have just not studied enough or perhaps some people like myself just simply does posses the skills needed.

Just like this hollowed log, everything that meant something has been taken away. It’s done.

I am hollow.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. You know that is the feeling that I just recently had and could not put a finger on it until you just posted this. I was sitting and watching on favorite old TV series Beverly Hills 90210 and suddenly for some reason, I started thinking this was going to be it. The rest of my life working on the PC and in the evenings watching the Internet or videos. But what is wrong with that? and besides, there might still be surprises in my life. I still have no idea what suddenly came upon me. I am still trying to shake that feeling.

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