Holland’s youngster won a bookstore in the rifle ticket

A 30-year-old young man of Holland won a bookstore in Britain, whose owner sold dozens of tickets for the purchase of three thousand pounds. And a ticket also bought by young man of Holland.

This bookstore is located in the city of Wales, whose owner Paul Morse wants to retire.The shop cost is $ 40,000. However, instead of advertise its sale, Paul sold hundreds of refreshed tickets for the shop price.It was necessary for every ticket to buy the books of at least three thousand pound from here.

One of these tickets a fan of science fiction stories, 30-year-old Holland citizen bought, and in lucky draw the he won the book store which will handed over to him next month.

Paul Maurice opened this shop 4 years ago and for three months continuously, people from purchased the desired amount of books from the shop. ticket were issued to 60 people only and after few month draw held.

Paul Maurice, the old owner of the shop, said that he is suffering from joint pain and now can’t run this shop more.He said that the Saijen is their permanent customers and hope saijen will run this shop successfully, because there were many bookstore in this area which are no more operational in past few year.

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