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History of a Park Bench

I know, I know a park bench is a park bench except for this one. This park bench is located on a hill in Owls Head Park in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York. Why do I look upon this as a special bench? Well, let me explain. This bench came into our lives when I was born all the way back in1957. Mom and dad would take me to this park since we lived in an apartment and there was no yard. The bench sort of grew up with me.

In the picture of little me in mom’s lap, she is sitting behind the bench on the hillside. In the other picture on top, I am sitting on this bench. I know there are people, who say, that the places and things that they have seen in their lives don’t matter once they move on, but for the poetic side of me, there is something that draws me to this bench.

Someday I would like to return and see the park and the bench again. Yes, because there are other things that I remember as well. Sitting on this bench on a hot summer’s day and feeling the cooling breezes blowing in from the shoreline. Nearby is an old gnarled tree that I tried to climb even though I’m afraid of heights. I got up but my boyfriend had to help me down because I was scared. I will always remember me and my parents picnicking in the park and dad and I playing in the field. So much that draws me to this place that I have promised myself that someday I will once again sit on my park bench.


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  1. There are many places important to our memories. On occasion they are a disappointment to return to, but usually seeing them anew gives us an extra perspective on our memories, and adds more meaning. Your bench looks to be in a nice location. I do hope you get to see it again 🙂

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