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His Wish

I am going to get a bit serious for a moment. This is close to my heart, and I think I still need to share it. We have a thing for dandelions in my home, many of you may know the story behind, but it matters not. Today my husband made a wish and blew dandelion seeds about. (Please don’t tell my neighbors!)

He is watching me at the computer and he announced that he had something important to say and he wants everyone here to know it. So I am going to share his wish with you. I don’t expect it will happen and yet sometimes miracles do. Either way he knows that his wish has been heard. 

He loves Docs’ wanders. He goes through them often and lots of times it makes him very sad.  He wants to know with all the hard work Doc does why don’t people comment on every single picture in his wanders. His wish is that everyone will go through all Docs wanders and comment on each picture.

(Personally, I was hoping it was a wish for me, but this was so much better.)

Are you going to make his wish come true?


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. For some reason, I can make comments in this section but other times when I have tried commenting on individual photos my comments don’t post. So I never comment on photos separately only together as a whole on the bottom. Last time I posted photos too and people commented on some individual photos I also could not respond only below in the comment section.

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