Yellow grass cover on peat bog opens the fog closed forest haze

Hiking in the autumn forest swamp

The wilderness that the more terrible and uninhabited can be than the peat bog in the fog. The Foggy autumn morning I found myself in the swamp this is the best that I could find this autumn morning. I walked along the old Finnish forest road in the half darkness to find by dawn in place for photography. This road led me to this most beautiful swamp. When I walk along it, the boots sink half in the moss. I photographed some places in the swamp, they resemble black holes in them, it’s better not to enter. The mist was early in the morning was continuous and only with the dawn, it began to dissipate. In the marsh it is cold with feet of rubber boots, even I want to get cold, but I also want to take pictures of this interesting place. Interestingly, the bald grass all yellowed autumn, but this yellowness discovered the swamp, its space, and its quiet serene beauty.


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