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Hi Allllll!!! :)

Hi all!!!!! 🙂

Wasn’t here for a while (not sure if this is the right grammar btw :/E), some time, not sure will I be posting actively in the future, but just drop by to say hi!, and to see how are things going here….. Are there any new changes, problems or develops on the site that I should know about and be aware of…? 🙂

How are things with you, write me everything, and I hope you are enjoying your holidays…! 🙂

Happy New Year!

PS This is a photo I made some time ago, I loved the colors of the winter sunset in nature, hope you will like it too…! 🙂

Best, kisses…..! ;)))

What do you think?

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    • Hey, Albert, glad to hear from you too!!! Heh, well, yes, I was away but I also needed a break from this too… Now I’m back and I’m not sure in what amounts I will be active here, but I’ll try to stay in touch and be active and post as much as I can!… 😉

      Hehehehehe, I so glad you liked it, no one commented the branches and I find them very interesting too…..! 😉

      All best in the New Year! 😉

      • Yeah. A break is good and important, but it still nice if you could give a little time to this community as well.

        Those trees branches are impressive indeed, you know, I love to see such thing, besides, indeed I was born to see in a different way…?…

        May you have all greatness in this new year too…

        • Thank you so much for the very kind words. I’m very glad you would like me to stay here, the problem is I spent so much time here I could hardly do anything else, and it’s not healthy too… So I guess I should make some balance, but the problem is that if you are rarely here you don’t earn much… You have to be active almost all day to earn $10 in 2-3 months, so it is a lot of effort for a very small earn… But, since I like the other side of it, and that is showcasing my work, creating articles (creation by itself! :)) and interaction with the people who like what I post, I would like to stay because of that, so I will see and try to make some balance… As you see I’m already on it and opening all the missed articles, hehehehehe ;D

          Yes I know… 🙂 Hehehe, yes, that is nice too….. 🙂 What do you actually think by it, do have some sixth sense, can you predict future…? Something like that would be very good for me at this moment…….!!! Hah… 😀

          Thank you so much, I wish you the same!!!

          • Yes, I fully understand what you mean, and that is entirely your right.

            Hmmm… I don’t like to read the future and prefer to read the now… Hehehe… and a little for you which is related to the present; as a confident person, don’t hesitate to make a decision. Don’t worry too much about other people’s opinions because all of it are only part of the whole consideration to decide something important for you.

        • Yes, but again, I’m very glad you care about my staying here, if I understood it the right way!, hehehe…. 😉

          Thank you… :)) Of course, I know that, I was only interested in “predicting” something that is related to one particular thing that I’m now interested in… 😉

    • Hello hello dear Kim to you too!!! 🙂 Yes, and very good to see you too! 😀 Thank you, I’m very glad you like it and kinda supposed you would… 😉 OK, thanks for the help! 🙂 I also see some things are still the same, like the posts on our profile pages, huge and some photos not visible on the preview… :/

        • Well, thanks, that is great to know, at least that Some things are way better…..! 🙂 ;)) Thank you dear Kim, it means much, and I hope I will be posting and be active more, it’s always interesting…! 🙂 XO 😉

          PS I see you are now on myLot too, like many other members from here too… Are you posting regularly there now or you still prefer Virily…? I used to post there, it is interesting but it can be very annoying since I had some very frustrating experiences there, it was very toxic, so I am rarely active there now… :/ But I’m glad you followed me… ;D

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