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Hey Doc!

Someone didn’t want me to comment on something you said. So I guess, I will just say it here loud and clear. “DOC, I AGREE WITH YOU.” There, that was all I was trying to say. Odd that I have do create a post to do so. 

Tired of walking on eggshells and trying to be true to myself. I guess the problem could be that I live in a country where freedom of speech is honored and it is also expected that you will help responsible for the things you say. That is a right that I hold dear. That is a right that my family and our soldiers fought for and I am not willing to hand it over to anyone.

Did you hear the speech that President Trump gave on the 4th of July?  You may know that I am not his biggest fan. In fact I have a whole blog of letters to President Trump. This time he go it right in my opinion. The history lesson was great and he managed to keep the focus on others and not on himself.

Anyway ~ Doc, I agree with you. lol!


What do you think?

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  1. So I was going to print this, but my wife said it was you agreeing with me. I am not allowed to print it.

    I do really welcome the post and i thank you for the kind words!

    You are a dear and trusted friend and source!

  2. I would prefer that that you keep your “hehehe” and accusations to yourself. Everyone is allowed to do whatever they want and reap the rewards they deserve.

    Tasartcraft – I have no idea where you live. I don’t care. I have no idea what language you speak and if you understand anything I say at all. I am now just going to accept any virils your nonsense brings with a snicker, thank you for your participation and move forward.

  3. Anyway, what was this all about? You know with moving back to the states last year and with all the crazy things going on in my life I only know what Trump looks like but I have never heard what he sounds like except once when he showed up in Home Alone 2 and told Kevin where to find the reception area at the Plaza Hotel

    • Oh I was just reading and I saw something Doc had said and attempted to respond. I had not paid attention to who had written the original post. I was just commenting on his comment. I will try and be more careful to stay away from anything that is not written by a trusted and friendly source. I am certain I will get busy and not pay attention again some day and when it happens, I will gladly take the virils and move forward.

    • I mentioned that I had tried to comment on something he said and then changed the subject to President Trumps speech for the 4th of July. Apparently it was not a smooth transition.

      I really enjoyed his speech on the 4th of July when he talked about our country and what it stands for. It was more of a history lesson than anything and a good reminder of all the reasons that the United States of America is a great place to live. I like to give credit when credit is due.


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