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Have You Ever Wished That You Lived in a Utopia?

Many people think that it would be great to live in a utopia. People commonly think of the word as being defined as a perfect place or an ideal state. Perhaps you’ve even thought the same thing. However, that is definitely not what utopia originally meant and the meaning could come as a surprise.

‘Utopia’ is a Greek word. Regardless of how it is used today, the literal translation of utopia is “not a place”. In other words, a utopia is a place that doesn’t exist. 

Considering how many troubles and problems this world has, it isn’t much of a stretch to figure that someone at some point figured that a paradise or ideal state didn’t and couldn’t exist. I believe otherwise, but it is still understandable how someone might have linked paradise with ‘not a place’.

Back to the original question. A person who wishes they lived in a utopia is actually wishing that they didn’t exist since a utopia is not a place. That is an interesting thought, is it not?


What do you think?


Written by Rex Trulove

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