Halloween Remnant…

Thursday, 5th of November, 2020

Today, I decided to take a stroll to Albertson to buy cat litter because it was a warm day in November. On my walk, I noticed white fangs on the sidewalk. It looked like dracula’s dentures. I took a snapshot of it and continued my walk to Albertsons, which was now just around the corner. Near an outdoor seating area with an outdoor fireplace, I stopped to chat with three people because a woman liked my zebra-animal-rights outfit I was wearing. Inside Albertsons, I noticed Fancy Feast had a sale. I need to return with my car because I don’t want to walk back home carrying a bag filled with canned cat food. (It gets very heavy and tiring. I have tired it before). 

I walked by home with the cat litter bag. At 4 pm, I drove to Albertsons to by the cat food on sale. Now, Gumby has enough canned food until mid January 2021. 

I noticed from my iphone that I walked 2.2 miles and 5,621 steps today. 


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