Guessing Game Is Over!

I hope that some had fun. Special thanks to those who made some guesses and played along. It was good to try something new.  Let’s see if this brings it all together for you!

  1. Astronaut

  2. Boat

  3. Cart

  4. Dog

  5. Elephant

  6. Frog

  7. Giraffe

  8. Hog

  9. Indianapolis

  10. Jellyfish

  11. Kites

  12. Lions

  13. Mustard

  14. Nest

  15. Ostrich

  16. Panda bear

  17. Queen Elizabeth

  18. Rubber boots

  19. Snow ghosts

  20. Tomato

  21. Umbrella

  22. Volcano

  23. Whiskers

  24. Xeranthemum

  25. Yellow

  26. Zipper

The word I was thinking of was alphabet!

I admit it was a little out there! It probably didn’t meet the requirement for refreshing and still I am going to be satisfied that I tried to make a different kind of post. 

Quick reminder, I am really open for suggestions. If you have any ideas on post topics you think I could or should do, don’t hesitate to send me a personal message. The site is only as successful as we make it together. I am certain there are things that we are missing!

Teach me!


What do you think?


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