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Guelta ď Archeo

Guelta ď Archeo is an oasis or Guelta, in the heart Sahare.Guelta is a peculiar type of wetlands, typical of desert regions. It is situated on a plateau Ennedi, Chad in the northeast, southeast of the city Fada.Guelta ď Archeo is hidden behind the canyon, which protects it from the rough desert uslova.Nju daily visited by hundreds of camel herdsmen lead to drink water and rest, because they waiting for arduous journey across the Sahara. This tradition has existed for hundreds of years, but due to the large number of camels in water and excrement njhovog this water became black. Camels are not the only animals that can be here pronaći.U this black water, there is a small number of surviving crocodiles. On the cliffs can be found drawings that date back to the ancient Middle Holocene

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