Green Means Go!

To me the color green means go. It starts at the streetlight. I will never understand why people sit and watch a green light. It means go every time, even if you with som caution, go!

Whenever I feel “stuck” I concentrate on green and outline where I am going. Green means go, change, make progress, and be happy. Today I am going to do my virily accountability centered around the color green and it’s personal importance to me.

So far today (5/23) I have shared 20 posts of others on social media. I have written two posts and I have participated in 10 conversations. I believe the rest of my day will be dedicated to my family first. When they go to get supplies, take a nap I can do other things. When they need my assistance that comes first. When they are up and out of bed I have to hurry and get them all the bedding sanitized and changed.

I am spending at least three hours studying things that I need to learn more about. It won’t be an easy day and still it all needs to get done and we don’t have a magic fairy. 

Green means go. Go with your heart. Go with your enthusiasm. Go with confidence. Just go!


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