Grave of a Vampire

If you came across a grave with the inscription “born in Transylvania” you would certainly think of Dracula. Well, this particular grave appears to contain a vampire and is in Lafayette, Colorado in a small-town cemetery.

The local legend has it that a tree grew out of the stake that once killed the vampire. The red rosebushes which grow nearby are his bloody fingernails that continue growing long after his death. As if that is not strange enough people have also seen a tall, slender man with dark hair dressed in a dark coat who has long fingernails and is seen sitting on the tombstone.

The local police chief found a doll stuck with pins through the heart lying upon the grave. The oddest thing of all is that records show that a man named Fodor Glava who was a miner and died in 1918 had purchased this plot. It turns out that he might not have been buried there. How the vampire got there is obviously unknown but this is a popular place to take photos on Halloween.

What I find odd is that someone had made the inscription and we all know that Hollywood shows us that vampires can be really unpredictable. Would you really think a vampire was in this grave? And you know what? Even though you might not believe so you go to this cemetery defiant to prove it is all a hoax and then what do you do when you do come face to face with this vampire? There is always that to consider too. 


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