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Grandfather assists the police to catch a criminal in Ohio

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I am sure we have all of heard of the expression “Age is just a number.” A story of courage comes from Columbus Ohio when a grandfather named “Bill” assisted the Columbus Police to catch a young man who was fleeing from the authorities outside a library in Columbus in April.

The incident began when Bill and his granddaughter were leaving the library in Columbus when Bill and his granddaughter noticed that the police sirens were on full blast.

Then Bill who does not want his last name revealed to the public since the police do not want Bill to deal with the enemies of any criminal who may want revenge for his actions of assisting the police catching a criminal, saw a young man running in Bill’s direction.

I will say this about Bill, he must have been a war veteran since when he saw the criminal running toward his direction with the criminal having his hand on his waist which contained a gun, Bill simply put out a foot in the direction of the criminal who then took a nice trip to the floor.

The criminal struggled to get to his feet when the Columbus police officers managed to put on the handcuffs of the criminal who likely be charged with resisting arrest and fleeing from a police officer.

The police were thankful that Bill used his wits to assist them by tripping the wouid be criminal who had he not been tripped by Bill, the criminal would be continued to wreck mayhem in Columbus.

I know that the late Ben Parker is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe would be smiling from ear to ear from his resting place.


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  1. We need more good citizens like this! I was working in a backpacker supply store one time and we had to wear the big bills in a belly bag but the coins were in a netal box near the front door. Two guys came in and asked questions about the sleeping bags, they were in the back of the store, I heard the chink of the netal coin box. I left the accomplice and ran after the thief yelling “Catch that man! He stole from the store! I was 5 months pregnant at the time. He dropped the box and I found it and had the rest of my day selling.

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