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Grab the moment!

Every day nothing seems to change, but when you look back, nothing is the same. Another year passed. Did you remember it with something? Is there an event that immediately pops into your mind? Was that time wasted then for you.

Did I awaken a sense of emptiness and meaninglessness? That life is passing and one day we wake up feeling like everything is wasted. The children we have been reconciled to the sluggish adults captured by the routine. Wake up, no time to waste! Take each day as a gift, an opportunity, a potential – to be, to come true, to love, to travel, to be aware.

To grab the moment is to look at people with love, but to back away from them when they choke. There is no time to waste, no sense in waiting for someone to change or deserve forgiveness. You accept that people have their limits and you do not need to test yours. Clear that part of your life and invite only the people who deserve a cup of tea and a moment of shared silence.

Grab the moment!!!


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