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Good Samaritan gets rewarded for returning a wallet to its owner

Prakash Narayan is being rewarded for his work of returning a wallet that a man named Brian who did not want to give out his last name who dropped his wallet at a parking lot outside of a United States Post Office in Sacramento California recently.

Brian was sad as he can be when he found out that his wallet that had $3,000 dollars inside was misplaced after he came home from the post office since he feared that he would miss a house payment plus the stresses of his wife expecting another child soon.

The good news of this story is that a gentleman named Prakash Narayan found the wallet that had the $3,000 dollars inside and took it to the local police station so they could contact Brian to report to him the good news that someone turned in his wallet that had his house payment money plus his other expense money to deal with.When Brian met Parkash to thank him for his act of honesty, Brian gave Prakash a reward of $500 dollars as his way of thanking him for returning his wallet out of the act of doing what is right since the rule of finding money that is lost on the streets is “It is not your money. The lost money belongs to someone who needs it more than you do.”

I am sure that Brian dropped his wallet in the parking lot at the Sacramento post office in an act of rushing to get his errands done quickly since the most likely scenario was that he did not place his wallet inside his pants pocket when he got out of his auto or getting inside his auto.

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  1. I know what you mean since the temptation of steal a wallet that contain a huge amount of money is there. The catch is that is it worth it to know that someone who really needed the money is hurting due to an error on their part? I do not think so since my late mom said “Money is of the Devil.”

  2. That was indeed an awesome good samaritan act especially considering the amount of money in the wallet. Great news for Brian and his family along with Prakash. I have never lost my wallet although it was stolen from my purse once (luckily it had no money in it except for my bank and credit cards which were all taken care of by me the same day) but if that had happened to me I would have thanked that samaritan just as handsomely as Brian has.

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