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Good Samaritan being sought by a couple in Pennsylvania

Sharon Keller and her son Steven Kelly are thankful that a Good Samaritan whose name has been not revealed to the public, risked his life to save both Sharon and Steve who were riding a boat at Ridley Township Municipal Marina on Tuesday last month when their boat’s engine exploded during their trip.

The flames on the boat forced Sharon to bail out and jump into the water while her son Steven used a fire extinguisher to try to put out the flames aboard the boat that was traveling toward the other boats at the marina. Sharon was underneath the boat at that time.

The Good Samaritan decided to jump into the water and rescue Sharon by grabbing her and taking her to the shore where she was safe from any harm. Steven managed to put out the flames of the boat before it would cause damage to the other boats in the marina.

 Even though the boat was destroyed by the engine explosion, both Sharon and Steven are now looking to personally thank the Good Samaritan who risked his life to save both of them.

The two types of Good Samaritans that I know of usually meet with the person or person that they save at a undisclosed location away from the news cameras or sometimes they get rewarded by the city officials of the town where the incident happened.

It remains to be seen if this Good Samaritan will reveal who he is to both Sharon and Steve in a private setting away from the television cameras or meet them in a public setting to have their great deed reported on the local news or a tabloid television show.   

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