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Good Samaritan assists a blind lady cross a street in Las Vegas

When the first thought of Las Vegas comes to the mind of the average person who has never visited the city is the reputation of being called “Sin City.”

However the city that is known for its casinos and entertainment shows also has a good side that should be featured in television shows as well.

About three weeks ago a blind woman who was using a cane to cross a busy intersection during the daylight hours needed some assistance to get across the street during a traffic stop of the autos that were waiting for the red light at the intersection to turn green.

Jacob Sanders who has a relative who is blind wanted to assist the blind woman cross the busy intersection to get to the other side of the street when a woman whose identity was not revealed beat him to the punch figuratively speaking of course got out of her auto to assist the blind lady who was using a cane to get to the other side of the street safe and sound.

By the time the blind woman was able to make it across the street safe and sound, the traffic light had turned green and the motorist went on their way to their destinations with the exception of the woman was assisted the blind woman across the street since it would take her some time to get back to her auto safe and sound.

Jason who videotaped the great deed by the woman sent his video that he filmed from his auto to the social media site Reddit so people around the world could see the kind acts that the people in Las Vegas do to assist people in need.

Even though the slogan for commercials promoting Las Vegas is “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” This great deed that was recorded by Jacob will be the exception to the slogan.


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