Good Friday & Pink Full Moon Connection on 4.19.19

Friday, April 19, 2019

Coincidences with the Notre Dame Cathedral burning are connected to freemasonry and New World Order agenda. For one thing, today’s date is 4.19.19, which is masonic symbolism.

Good Friday, Pink Full Moon because of pink flowers blooming in April, and Passover. (although on my calendar, it states that Passover is on April 20th, Easter is on April 21st, and Earth Day is on April 22nd. Moreover, Orthodox Easter is on April 28th.

There is also a Lyrid Meteor Shower on Earth Day.

Furthermore, this video explains the numbers symbolism behind the Notre Dame Cathedral destruction. Throughout the years, many other so-called disasters occurred during the same time. But 12 statues were saved from the Notre Dame Cathedral fire.


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