Going Through These Things More Than Twice – 7


Anyone who sees a syllabus of a 6th grade class in 1960 and compares it to a 10th grade class in 1975 will be stunned by the lowering levels of education.

This is to prevent another generation of intelligent independent citizens.

If one looks to the 60s/70s the War in Vietnam caused such outrage, such activism.   The Wars in Afghanistan, beginning in 2001 and continuing attract nothing.

It is not just America, of course, I.Q.s are declining in all developing nations.

It is not genetic; it is the change in the education system, the consummation of junk food, and the media.

The kind of programs on television are often mindless,  the news cuts and pastes, leaving out facts.

The B.B.C, for example, used to virtually be 24/7 news.  This was in depth information so that a listener would gain a complete understanding of the Who/What/Where/When/Why and How.

Today, news is squashed into 6 minutes every hour, 2 minutes every half hour.  Often the broadcasts are simply rerun.

The 52 remaining minutes are full of pointless chatter.

This is to insure the people know only what they are told and unaware of reality.

To be simple, if one doesn’t know about an issue, they can not think of it.  And where would they find information?  

One can not search unless they had an idea of what they were searching for.


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