Goal Choices August 26th – August 31st

Goal Choices August 26th – August 31st

(First a quick note about the sign I used. I did it be cause it made me smile while I was planning what must be done. Did it make you smile?)

I worked on these and got them all written in advance. I realized today that I never got them published. So I am going to go ahead and do it now because it’s important to me to keep on track and moving. It may be nicer for you if it comes in a big block so you don’t feel like you have to read all about me. 

August 26th ~ Learn 5 new words and find a way to use them verbally or in my writing.

                    ~ Take the magazines to the library for donations

                    ~ Visit the nursing home with flowers

August 27th ~ Send snail mail to the grandchildren

                    ~ Thank a neighbor with an anonymous gift

                    ~ Learn three new skills for work and practice each for 20 minutes

August 28th ~ Get everyone to their doctor appointments

                    ~ Use only kind words in my home

                    ~ Fill the dumpster with things we don’t need and call for pick up

August 29th ~ Prepare medication for the next two weeks

                    ~ Call and check on elderly neighbors

                    ~ Two hours at the food bank

August 30th ~ Check with work for last minute items before the holiday

                    ~ Get the laundry completed

                    ~ Change the sheets on all the beds, including the trailers

August 31st ~ Help Bro and husband make it through the day as they remember the loss of a 

                       Family member. Call to confirm or change plans for Labor Day.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter