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Here we go~ another adventure

I am not sure about favorite quotes and I have some that seem to come trudging back into my into my life time and time again. I am not certain if it is because I have not yet learned what needs to be learned or I just need to be reminded.

I have to admit I have never actually watched Alice in Wonderland. I suppose someday I should get around to it. When flipping through quotes long ago I found this one.

I was young enough when I read it that I asked my Mom what it meant. She said that every single day we make silly mistakes and learn from them. I questioned her about really making a mistake every day. She gave me a big grin and said “No use being here if you aren’t willing to try new things and learn. If I were perfect, there would be nothing at for me to do. Some of the best times I have had were mistakes I learned from.

I have no idea who to credit the next quote to. I assume it has been around for a very long time. It was hanging on the wall in the kitchen where I grew up. One of my mom’s favorite things to say was “Beware, there are always choices” (that’s not my quote!)  The sign read

You have two choices for dinner, take it or leave it.

A wealth of knowledge came just from decisions to leave it. I remember getting caught eating a can of cold corn because I didn’t eat dinner. I love the quote, what can I say?

This next quote is because the first time I really got buried in leaves and jumped out was with my grandchildren. They brought back some true joy.

Clearly, the first quotes that have come to mind are not very scholarly, and still had a great impact in my life.

On this, day one, I have found one person that I would like to invite to the challenge. He is a man I respect. He knows how to teach, love and live. He doesn’t know how to be selfish. He is true to his heart and his beliefs. He is one of my heroes. I thought for sure he had done it, But I went through his posts (it took a long time) and he has not. Perhaps it is not his cup of tea, but Rex Trulove if you want to play along I want to read it.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my next two nominations for the challenge.


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  1. Great post Trenna! Love the quotes as well the last one is me all the way! I can totally relate to that. I was going to nominate Rex today lol. This is getting hard as all the people I am wanting to nominate have already been nominated. Thank you for taking this challenge!

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