Giving it Time – 16

As Mike entered the office on Tuesday he forgot he’d had his phone off.  Seeing the crush, it seemed everyone had tried to call him.  

He pushed through the babble saying:  “Listen, I have a big case coming up, I needed down time…”  as  pushed into his office.

As he put down his case, Jordan, the third para-legal, came to him with the file.

“Whose my Junior?” Mike asked.  

 “Mr Brenner…”  

MIke didn’t like him.

“Call Miss Barnett…”

Jordan did as he was told and Emily arrived.

“Miss Barnett, this is a big case and I think you’ll be helpful…”

“Oh, is that the Vicount case?” she asked.

With surprise Mike met her eyes and nodded,  “How did you know?”

“It’s my interest and my job..”  she replied, betraying not a molecule that she had spent the weekend with him.


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Written by jaylar

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