Giola – "Zeus eye" … Greece 🇬🇷

Giola – “Zeus eye” … Greece  

One of the most beautiful destinations in Thassos, Greece, is a natural pool in the rock, giola. This beautiful natural swimming pool is 4 km away from the place called Astris Thassos Greece.To in a beautiful natural lagoon with pristine water that resembles a swimming pool carved into the rock. The pool is located quite close to the sea. Color water is crystal clear and transparent, light green or dark green. Water color is particularly evident due to the contrast with the dark blue sea water. The pool is naturally full of rocks under the sea is salty water in it. It is water compared to the sea always warmer and so swimming in it always . Rocks that surround this natural pool reaches a height of 8 meters. According to legend, Zeus Giola represents around (about Zeus), which oversaw his mistress.


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